Animal-free alternatives for watch straps

October 8th, 2021

Looking for a stylish alternative to the classic leather watch strap? Would you prefer an animal-free, natural material but still seek quality, wearing comfort, style and aesthetics? At Hirsch, we can put your watch in the limelight in style, even with animal-free alternatives. To learn more about the fascinating materials we use and what it feels like to wear leaves on your wrist, for example, click here.

Once a pioneer. Always a pioneer.

We have always been specialists in finding and processing the finest materials. We are known around the world for our leather watch straps, as we have always been pioneers in this field. We are also undertaking pioneering work in the animal-free segment. We started developing alternative materials more than ten years ago. It is the culture of the material that drives us. Our team of trend researchers and material experts is always at the forefront of progress. They are constantly on the lookout for trendy, innovative and also sustainable materials. We pay special attention to materials that are soft, skin-friendly, supple and easy to shape - just like our original material, leather. Only made from natural alternatives.

Animal free & full of nature

As part of the HIRSCH Nature Collection, we present you with exceptional watch bracelets that are made entirely from non-animal materials. Who thinks of stone as soft and cuddly? Likely only someone who knows our STONE design! Real, wafer-thin slate on the best HIRSCH premium rubber - a material combination that will delight every purist with its aesthetics as well as its suppleness. With BARK, we have presented a limited collection made of eucalyptus fibres. Because of its natural grace, BIRCH - our design made of birch bark - causes a sensation. As the name suggests, LEAF shows the beauty of leaves - following nature with the colours green like the leaves in spring and brown like those in autumn. The limited edition WINE is highly exclusive: a watch band made of hand-picked wine leaves from local organic vineyards. Another limited edition is our KASURI design. The yarn used for the weaving technique of the surface of this band is made of 100% cotton. You can see for yourself: with the HIRSCH Nature Collection, we are very close to nature - and present it in a unique way.

Inspired by nature. Made by technology.

When it comes to our watch bands, we place the highest demands on durability, wearing comfort and aesthetics. However, technical functionality is also extremely important to us. Meeting these specifications was an exciting challenge for our professionals from the Research & Development department. After many years of research, our in-house team was able to develop a special, sustainable multilayer technology. It is the revolutionary basis for producing such high-quality, exclusive watch bands from materials of natural origin. Made in Austria. And made by hand, because the rest of these masterpieces is finely crafted by hand in countless individual steps.


- Animal-free alternatives for your watch strap
- Naturally-sourced materials
- Detailed uniqueness
- Handcrafted to the highest perfection
- Styles as diverse as nature itself