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Obermaterial Kalb
Oberfläche Exotisch geprägt
Futtermaterial HIRSCH Softglove
Bombierung Mittelstarke Polsterung
Schließenart Dorn Schließe
Schließenfarbe Silber

Thanks to its timeless elegance, our ARISTOCRAT bracelet is a truly special accessory for your watch.

  • Bracelet for both men and women
  • High-quality Italian calfskin leather with crocodile effect
  • Semi-matte finish
  • Harmoniously shaped crowning
  • Easy to fit, using the HIRSCH Quick Release mechanism

The ARISTOCRAT bracelet is a timeless classic, combining the finest Italian calfskin leather with the aesthetic impact of crocodile flank. The required elegance comes from the semi-matte finish with its natural light and dark shades. In addition, this leather bracelet has the traditional HIRSCH outline, a fine tone-on-tone backstitched seam and a distinct embossed line both on the strap and on the retaining hoops.

Thanks to its medium padding and the HIRSCH Softglove lining leather, the ARISTOCRAT is extremely comfortable to wear. We suggest that you clean this bracelet at regular intervals. Just put it under lukewarm running water and then dry it with a cotton cloth. Alternatively, you can simply let it dry on your wrist.

ARISTOCRAT comes with our HIRSCH Quick Release mechanism, so that you can easily fit the bracelet yourself.

ARISTOCRAT bracelet: specifications

  • Available in three colours: beige, brown and black
  • Available in three attachment widths: 16, 20 and 18

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