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Obermaterial Synthetik/Textil
Oberfläche Strukturiert
Futtermaterial HIRSCH Kalbleder
Bombierung Flache Ausführung
Schließenart Dorn Schließe
Schließenfarbe Silber

This exceptional denim is naturally white: true to its name, as the word denim literally means “from Nîmes”, indicating the origin of the material. Inspired by classic jeans, we have created this Nato watch strap in denim. The denim theme elegantly continues with the bold contrasting stitches in golden brown and the gold-coloured leather retaining hoops. The robust calf neck hide of the retaining hoops, dyed fibre-deep in a barrel, features that characteristic shrunken grain. The lining leather is made of ultra-soft blue Messina, making the NIMES model wonderfully comfortable to wear.

  • NIMES fits watches with lug widths of 21 and 22 mm.
  • NIMES was a model of the HIRSCH Innovative Collection 2021, therefore only 5 pieces of this model were handmade.

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