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Obermaterial Kalb
Oberfläche Strukturiert
Futtermaterial HIRSCH Kalbleder
Bombierung Mittelstarke Polsterung
Schließenart Dorn Schließe
Schließenfarbe Silber

The SUMMER model follows the “Out of Control” trend with its focus on personal pleasure and exclusivity. It’s the feeling of the seventies, a little bizarre and a little surreal. But above all without any inhibitions. A uniquely fascinating form of nostalgia! The relief printing is reminiscent of a flower meadow, beautifully wild and free. Flower power! And a touch of ... well, SUMMER, of course. The Italian calfskin upper has been given special treatment to achieve this tangible 3D relief effect in a playful floral design. The bar seam along the buckle and the safety stitch on the loose loop have of course been sewn by hand.

  • SUMMER fits watches with a lug width of 18 mm.
  • Thanks to our innovative HIRSCH Quick-Release mechanism, the bracelet can be replaced in a matter of seconds.
  • SUMMER was a model of the HIRSCH Innovative Collection 2021, therefore only 5 pieces of this model were handmade.

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