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Matériau de la tige sans animaux
Surface Outre
Matériau de la doublure HIRSCH Fibre Tech
le bombé Bombé moyen
L'Art de Boucle Boucle ardillon
Couleur Boucle Argent

Silky soft and 100% animal-free. ROSE is the latest highlight in the HIRSCH Nature Collection. Our ROSE bracelet is the world’s first watchstrap made from real rose petals. ROSE will gracefully accentuate any watch on a person’s wrist.

  • Made from real rose petals
  • Animal-free
  • For traditional and smart watches alike
  • Easy to fit, using the HIRSCH Quick Release mechanism

We only use fresh pink rose petals, which we then freeze-dry with the help of state-of-the-art technology. It’s an environment-friendly method which ensures that the petals retain their colour, cellular structure and shape – and of course their incomparable smoothness. Careful, gentle crushing is followed by special multilayering in which the rose dust is applied to the backing material of the bracelet in a painstakingly cautious manual process. In all, it takes 86 stages to complete each unique masterpiece.

The ROSE model is a natural product, and its shade of pink may therefore vary between rich and delicate. Roses also have nuances of yellow within them. The different shades make each bracelet a totally unique specimen. ROSE adds a stylish touch to traditional and smart watches alike.

 Details of ROSE

  • Discreet tone-on-tone backstitched seam
  • Hand-sewn bar seam along the buckle
  • Hand-sewn safety stitch on the loose loop
  • Available in two lug widths: 18 and 20

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