Hirsch Innovative Collection


HIRSCH Innovative Collection:
Innovation meets aesthetics.

At HIRSCH, we’ve always seen innovation as part of our corporate DNA: formative, essential and an important heritage we owe to our founder. Over 75 years ago Hans Hirsch had a very simple creed: “There’s nothing that can’t be done even better.” And this important standard is still the same today. At HIRSCH, we’ve made it our duty to be the first at all times – in every possible way and in everything we develop. It’s a philosophy which is beautifully reflected in our HIRSCH Innovative Collection, as it illustrates the difference between a mere watch strap and a HIRSCH bracelet more than ever before.

Art unlimited – an extremely limited edition.

Some collections are highly memorable – even in the exclusive environment of our great tradition of bracelets. This is certainly true for our HIRSCH Innovative Collection which is launched once a year, each time featuring five strictly limited and exclusive models. The HIRSCH Innovative Collection 2021 consisted the following exquisite models: ROUEN, NIMES, LEAF RAINBOW, SUMMER and BLOOSM. Only five items have been made of each model, so that these are unique pieces of craftsmanship, made in Austria – or rather: handmade in Austria. Each item has been made entirely by hand, with the utmost precision and attention to detail.

Superb craftsmanship

Each unique bracelet is a masterly expression of superior craftsmanship, and the small number of each bracelet makes it a collector’s item. If you’ve always valued something special and if you appreciate sophisticated design and outstanding materials, then this collection is for you. There can be no doubt: a bracelet can be the reflection of our personality – highly expressive and unmistakable, like a self-portrait.

The 5 models of the
HIRSCH Innovative Collection 2021
are sold out in the meantime.

Only 5 of each of these bracelets were made.