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With the extravagant performance model KASURI you wear not only an animal-free bracelet, you also wear timeless art work of Japanese grace on your wrist. The core of high-quality HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc not only makes KASURI extremely durable, but also turns your watch into an absolute eye-catcher.

  • Animal-free
  • Made of high quality cotton fabric
  • Woven in kasuri technique
  • With coloured HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc core
  • Easy to change thanks to the HIRSCH Quick-Release System

The Japanese word Kasuri refers to a special technique of fabric patterning. In this process, the yarn is only partially dyed before weaving. During subsequent weaving, the dyed threads cannot be lined up exactly. This creates the famous contours without clear boundaries. A beautifully blurred look that often appears brushed.
Presumably, the Kasuri technique reached Okinawa from India via Southeast Asia and from there to Japan in the early 17th century. The textiles, mostly made of cotton or hemp, have become a coveted collector's item today.
In keeping with tradition, our KASURI model is also presented in high-quality cotton. The different shades of jeans processed in the artistic Kasuri weaving technique, not only make each bracelet unique, they also guarantee that this noble piece will match almost any denim. KASURI presents itself on classic watches just as stylish as on Smart-Watches.

Details to our model KASURI

  • Contrasting backstitched seam
  • Stainless steel buckle in beautiful HIRSCH Tradition Design
  • Integrated loop keeper
  • Available in attachment widths 20 and 22

More Information
Upper material animal-free
Surface Structured
Lining material HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc
Padding Medium padding
Type of Buckle Thorn Buckle
Buckle Colour Silver
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