HIRSCH Innovative Collection:
Innovation meets aesthetics.

At HIRSCH, we’ve always seen innovation as part of our corporate DNA: formative, essential and an important heritage we owe to our founder. Over 75 years ago Hans Hirsch had a very simple creed: “There’s nothing that can’t be done even better.” And this important standard is still the same today. At HIRSCH, we’ve made it our duty to be the first at all times – in every possible way and in everything we develop. It’s a philosophy which is beautifully reflected in our HIRSCH Innovative Collection, as it illustrates the difference between a mere watch strap and a HIRSCH bracelet more than ever before.

According to your desires. Customized to measure. And always unique.

There are collections that represent a memorable event even in the exclusive milieu of the great watch bracelet tradition. Collections like the HIRSCH Innovative Collection, which presents exclusivity of a special kind in 2022: The selected models will be made exclusively for you at your request. They are only available for one month (from 15 June to 15 July) and exclusively in the HIRSCH Webshop. And they will never be seen in the classic HIRSCH Collection. The noble unique pieces are Made in Austria. More precisely: Handmade in Austria. Because each one is made exclusively by hand with the highest precision and great attention to detail.

Exclusive unique pieces. Exclusive collectibles.

Innovative, animal-free materials are becoming increasingly important. They give bracelets a completely new look and they are sustainable. The HIRSCH Innovative Collection 2022 takes this trend fully into account. In addition, it is completely dedicated to the topic of recycling - and presents noble pieces that have not yet been seen on the market. Whether RUST or RE-JOHN - both models are animal-free and follow the principle of recycling, although in quite different ways. In doing so, they go beyond normal recycling - and tread the path of upcycling.

Innovative watch bracelets with high aesthetic standards are created from material left overs. Perhaps the most beautiful form of resource conservation. Due to their unique manufacturing process and strictly limited production, each watch bracelet of the HIRSCH Innovative Collection 2022 can also be called a collector's item. This creates a collection for people who have always been looking for something special, who appreciate refined design and extravagant material. Yes, a watch bracelet can also be the reflection of our personality, expressive and unmistakable like a self-portrait.


Exclusively available from 15 June to 15 July 2022