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Caoutchouc bracelets for watches

We are devoted to bracelets that offer multiple advantages at once: flexibility, creativity and combinability. The right accessory for almost any clothing style can be found with just a small collection of our bracelets for watches.

We offer bracelets made from a wide range of materials – from classic types of leather to exotic leathers, as well as other materials like caoutchouc or innovations like birch bark.
HIRSCH sets new standards with the bracelets of the Performance Collection in terms of functionality, wearing comfort and aesthetics. An elegant upper material is combined with HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc – the best raw material for functional watchstraps.

The comfortably soft caoutchouc core perfectly adjusts to the shape of the wrist and ensures natural temperature regulation while worn, since it doesn’t sit tight against the skin. With its variety and quality, the premium upper material lives up to a wide range of demands on design and style.

How easily can I change my bracelet?

Thanks to the quick-release system, it’s now really easy to switch the caoutchouc bracelet yourself. This way, the right model can be worn with every outfit, without having to own multiple watches. For instance, a black leather bracelet is a perfect accessory for an elegant dress. A colourful bracelet made from exotic leather is ideal for extravagant evening wear, while a caoutchouc bracelet is suitable for a sporty-casual look.

The different materials are not only visually interesting. Anyone who wants to get active with their watch, on a run, for example, should use the caoutchouc bracelet from the Performance Collection. By contrast, you can make a luxurious impression with an exotic leather bracelet. This way, you can choose the look and function of the bracelet for any occasion.

All you ned to know about caoutchouc for bracelets

The models in the HIRSCH Performance Collection are the perfect symbiosis of traditional leather craftmanship and modern bracelet technology in original HIRSCH quality – the very best of caoutchouc bracelets. The special geometry and sublime grooved structure of the caoutchouc core ensure continuous ventilation on the wrist. Any moisture can quickly escape, guaranteeing excellent wearing comfort and maximum freedom of movement in every situation.
The range of models in the HIRSCH Performance Collection spans sporty-dynamic pieces to sporty-classic options and gives the wearer the freedom of a huge selection to match their watch.

 The advantages of caoutchouc bracelets:

  • Water resistance
  • Resilience and tear resistance
  • Durability
  • Heat and cold resistance
  • Skin compatibility

HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc: Bracelets in this collection made from high-quality caoutchouc are highly elastic, tear-resistant, absolutely skin-compatible and resistant to exterior influences such as water, sweat, UV light or chemicals.

HIRSCH 100 m Water-Resistant: Thanks to the intelligently designed, waterproof caoutchouc core with its special grooved geometry, HIRSCH bracelets in this collection can be worn for swimming and even diving (down to a depth of 100 m).

Sauna-tested: Bracelets in this collection are particularly resilient. They can even withstand the extreme combination of heat, moisture and sweat in saunas.

The caoutchouc bracelet in a range of variations

The caoutchouc bracelets by HIRSCH are available in a range of variations: either in pure caoutchouc or a caoutchouc core combined with different leather types and finishes on the surface. The range of caoutchouc bracelets even includes a caoutchouc core paired with flexible shale cut waver-thin.

Achieve an extraordinary look with a colourful caoutchouc core in red, blue or yellow in combination with calf leather with a perforated hi-tech surface.

Thanks to the caoutchouc bracelets in the HIRSCH Performance Collection, you are ideally equipped for any sport, and the bracelets are always a visual highlight.