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Stylish leather bracelets for watches

Our leather bracelets for your watch have an unmistakeable look. We combine a unique and natural texture with elegance and style. Our range takes leather bracelets for watches to a whole new level. For every outfit, personal style and character, there is at least one leather bracelet that fits perfectly. Looking for a charming accessory or a striking eyecatcher? Our bracelets made from leather are freely selectable, making them highly individual. Here passion meets fashion.

Make a statement! A leather bracelet suits many different clothing styles. It combines elegance with naturalness, resulting in a trend-setting accessory. It’s no wonder that leather bracelets are now popular statement pieces.

Pattern and colour: bracelets and jewellery as unique pieces

To stand out and make an impression, we offer leather bracelets for your watch that have their own particular charm. The specially selected materials tell their very own stories. No leather bracelet is the same as another. The patterns and structures are unique. From sleek and natural calf leather to exotic crocodile leather, there is a suitable bracelet made from leather for every taste. The characteristic details make every model special.

Our leather bracelets have their own personality not only due to the textures and surface structure. The choice of colour also transforms the way the bracelet looks. From black and blue, to green and red, the right bracelet can be found for any colour preference. How about an orange leather bracelet for watches with the distinctive scales of an alligator? Or perhaps a classic, black leather bracelet to give the finishing touches to your stylish outfit? Natural colour deviations are normal for genuine leather and help make it truly unique. No bracelet is the same as another. We stand for both confident colours and time-honoured tradition. Try it out and be inspired by our excellent craftsmanship. Many models are unisex and designed for men and women alike.

Leather varieties: elaborate leather craftsmanship for every bracelet

What different types of leather are available and how do they vary? There is a wide array of different leather varieties in our range – all of which have their own special characteristics. Besides the craftsmanship, the style of a leather bracelet is largely defined by the material itself.

Examples of our leather types and their visual characteristics

- Calf leather: different surfaces – from smooth to structured
- Alligator and crocodile leather: large and distinctive scales quadratic and oval in shape
- Ostrich leather: soft leather with typical, round nubs
- Lizard leather: unique look with a glossy finish

A leather bracelet shows off its special style in its structure. However, calf leather can be transformed into a playful, exotic look. Its smooth surface is ideal; the exotic texturing changes the smooth leather and brings out an ornate lizard or crocodile leather look. Combined with the right colour for your outfit, you’ll have a truly unique piece of art on your wrist. Thanks to our easily interchangeable bracelets made from leather, your watch will be ideally presented for any occasion.

Attention to detail: clasp and seam in harmony

Our leather bracelets are fitted with a pin buckle or folding clasp. Those who enjoy a classic style can’t go wrong with the pin buckle. Two delicate leather loops hold the end of the strap in place. The folding clasp does away with the additional loops and holes – bringing the design to the fore. Stainless steel or aluminium is used for the clasp to match the design of the leather bracelet. This gives the leather bracelet a hint of silver or gold, which round off the overall impression with other jewellery.

Besides the clasp, the seam is also an important design element. It has a huge influence on the general look. Some bracelets symbolise naturalness or the elegance of simplicity by foregoing the seam. Other models play with the element and present it as a feature. Colour is also used here to harmonise the seam with the personality of the bracelet. Craftsmanship is found in the love of details.