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Leather bracelets for men

Watches are the only technical instrument that we tend to wear for function and style, making it particularly special as an accessory. It is therefore all the more important to “dress your watch” with particular attention to detail. As the developer and manufacturer of high-quality bracelets, we have devoted ourselves to this mission. An expert team of trend and material researchers is always keeping pace with the times, seeking out hot, innovative and sustainable materials.

Leather bracelets are distinguished by wearing comfort and aesthetics. They symbolise naturalness and are available in many different versions. The soft and supple material complements any wrist – whether delicate or strong. Many leather bracelets are suitable for both men and women. Some models have a rather feminine or masculine touch.

The men’s bracelet is comfortable to wear thanks in part to the unique balance of upper leather, crowning and lining leather. These three formative parts of the bracelet – adjusted to the characteristics of the respective model – are particularly flexible as assembled components and rest gently on the wrist of the wearer.

Leather bracelets for men are often produced in classic black or brown. This combination of darker colours and leather produces a rather masculine look. But colours like dark green or dark blue are also ideally suited to men’s watches. For stylish and fashion-conscious men, HIRSCH offers even more colours: from red and orange to royal blue or pink – to name just a few options. And thanks to the new quick-release system, the bracelets can be easily swapped out – from sporty to elegant or one colour to another, depending on the occasion or outfit.

HIRSCH not only offers leather bracelets for men, but also the sporty Performance Collection with a caoutchouc core or innovative materials like in our Stone model: a flexible, wafer-thin shale with a special surface finish.

Clasp: silver and stainless steel on the men’s bracelet

Classic silver-coloured clasps made from stainless steel are the perfect accessory on the male wrist. Those who prefer the more extravagant can also choose the gold-colour clasp. The clasp is always selected according to the colour of the watch case, of course.

Selectable clasp systems for bracelets:

  • Pin buckle: The pin buckle is the classic choice. Small holes in the bracelet allow the size to be flexibly configured.
  • Folding clasp: This modern clasp requires no further loops or openings. This system makes a contemporary impression and is ideal for men’s bracelets made from leather.

Classic bracelet: black and brown calf leather

No two leathers are the same. Every type of leather has its own charm and particular qualities. Leather bracelets for men are typically made from calf leather in brown or black colour. The rather sleek design harmonises with the overall look, without distracting with excessive details.

Men who prefer the rather extraordinary will appreciate the lizard, ostrich or crocodile leather options. The men’s bracelets made from crocodile or alligator leather have a particularly striking pattern. The special surface is an eyecatcher and exudes individuality. No model is the same as another, as nature itself decides on how the surface of the leather bracelet should look.

Leather bracelets for men are also versatile – both in terms of design and colour. Smooth calf leather is ideal for texturing with exotic structures. This transforms the relatively simple leather into a visually exotic leather. This also goes for the choice of colour. Have you always wanted to wear a bracelet made from red crocodile leather or yellow ostrich leather? We offer many different pattern and colour combinations, so your interchangeable watchstrap matches any favourite outfit.

Individual accessories: different sizes for every men’s bracelet

HIRSCH bracelets are available in different lengths and lug widths. The length of the men’s bracelet is determined by the circumference of the wrist. The lug width is dictated by the respective watch. This way, the right accessory can be found for any man.

  • Available lengths of our bracelets: from S to XL depending on the model
  • Available lug widths of our bracelets: from 12 mm to 28 mm

It’s best to use your current watchstrap as a guide and measure its length and lug width, allowing you to find the right size for your new bracelet.