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Red bracelets for men and women

Red is a very distinct colour, often symbolising love and passion. Red stands out as something special and calls out: “Here I am!” In the world of fashion, this colour has great expressive power. Those who wear it express confidence. They show themselves to the world and step into the limelight. A red bracelet gives this appeal to a special item of jewellery.

But bear in mind: not all reds are the same! Dark Bordeaux red differs from a powerful blood red or cool crimson. Different outfits can therefore be combined with this variety of colour. Integrating the red bracelet into an individual style is both a joy and challenge.

Combining ideal materials

Red truly comes into its own with the right materials. With a red bracelet, the wearer intends to express and represent something. This impression is intensified with the use of different materials.

Leather bracelet for an exotic touch

Leather is natural and has a unique surface. The right colour can accentuate these playful patterns. The choice of colour gives the material a completely different look.

Materials for a red leather bracelet:

Ostrich leather: Ostrich leather is highly distinctive and makes a special impression with its unique nubs. When this leather is coloured in red, it appears like a fiery landscape marked by little volcanoes.

Alligator and crocodile leather: A bold red really emphasises the large scales featured on this leather. Glossy material lights up the markings of the leather, resembling an interplay of light and fire.

Lizard leather: The many small scales appear incredibly vibrant in red. An eye for fantasy creatures may almost see dragon skin in this material. This bracelet helps you make a particularly extravagant appearance!

Calf leather: Even sleek calf leather picks up a touch of passion in red. Less extravagant, but all the more elegant. Supple calf leather can also be textured with exotic patterns, transforming it into a special look.

The leather bracelet opens up all sorts of possibilities. Nothing stands in the way of a collection of different red watchstraps. Every leather has its own particular charm waiting to be discovered.

Caoutchouc bracelet in impulsive red

Caoutchouc is the first choice for those interested in a sportier model. It will serve you for many years thanks to its range of positive qualities. Our caoutchouc bracelets are water-resistant, robust and durable. Designed for high wearing comfort and maximum freedom of movement. Like leather, red caoutchouc is highly expressive and individual.

Red leather bracelet for women

Red has always been popular among women as the colour of love and passion. It’s simply fun to combine a red leather bracelet with a highly personal style. It either harmonises elegantly with other red accessories or provides an eyecatcher for the complete outfit. There are many possibilities. Go ahead and get creative with colour!

These colours go well with red:

  • Bright red: White, light grey and orange
  • Dark red: Black, grey and blue
  • Cool red: White, black and blue

A bracelet becomes striking and extravagant with exotic leather, symbolising exclusivity and luxury. This combination is tailor-made for a woman’s wrist. The red leather bracelet should be worn with confidence.

A golden or silver clasp is perfect for a red bracelet. This is a matter of personal preference – so the right clasp can be chosen to suit the watch. We primarily offer an elegant pin buckle, but also a folding clasp is possible.

Red bracelet for men

The colour red also harmonises with a masculine look, standing for dominance, activity and strength. With our Performance bracelets made from caoutchouc, the black and red variant is highly popular among men – perfect for both sports and everyday life. This bracelet goes well with all sorts of watch models.

In terms of leather, brown or black are still favourites in the male world. A red leather bracelet for men is less common but enhances any masculine style, offering a good alternative to the classic colours.