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The Bracelet by HIRSCH

Our bracelet for your watch breathes fresh life into your style. The interchangeable watchstrap is ideal for any outfit, as the style can be adjusted individually. The brown bracelet made from calf leather can easily be swapped for the red bracelet made from lizard leather or the sporty black and yellow bracelet made from caoutchouc. So, it’s always good to have an extra bracelet.

The watch stays the same, the bracelet varies. A clever system that changes the look of your watch for any occasion. Fashionable, creative and simple: only the watchstrap is changed! Naturally, different watches can also be combined with different bracelets. This opens up almost limitless style options.
Our slogan “Dress up your watch” reflects our mission to bring out your creativity and express your personal style and character.

Interplay of material: variety and change

A key question regarding the choice of bracelet concerns the material. There are a range of different and innovative options offered by HIRSCH The Bracelet.

The choice of bracelet is always yours as we believe that anything goes, so long as you love it.

What materials are available?

  • Leather (e.g. calf leather, lizard leather)
  • Caoutchouc
  • Innovative materials (e.g. shale, birch bark)

Leather bracelet

A traditional and popular material for bracelet is leather – such as cowhide. The big advantage of leather is its unique character, aesthetic appearance and naturalness. No bracelet made from leather is the same as another. The structures and colouring with each model are unique due to the natural origin of the material.

Calf leather / cowhide: This sleek leather is a classic. Its smooth structure makes it ideal for stamping with an exotic texture.
Ostrich leather: Small but distinctive nubs adorn this extravagant leather.
Alligator and crocodile leather: Scales of varying size characterise this exotic material.
Lizard leather: Very small and fine details distinguish this playful natural material.

Caoutchouc bracelet

Caoutchouc is highly robust, water-resistant and low-maintenance. Our bracelets made from caoutchouc reflect a sporty character – functionality and resilience are its main qualities. We offer high-quality caoutchouc in two variants: the complete bracelet or as a durable underside combined with other materials such as birch bark. This makes the bracelet not only functional but also an eye-catching accessory.

Properties of caoutchouc:

  • Resilient
  • Water-resistant
  • Heat and cold-resistant
  • Durable
  • Compatible with skin

Innovative materials (e.g. shale, birch bark)

In order to offer the rapidly growing vegan community an alternative to leather bracelets, for example, we have committed ourselves to developing a wide range of plant-based materials that embody the valued properties of leather but are completely animal-free. A new innovation by HIRSCH The Bracelet is Birch – a sustainable bracelet top surface is made from naturally grown and finely crafted birch bark and is combined with a highly functional core made from HIRSCH Premium Caoutchouc.

Choice of colour: sleek black or playful orange

Bracelets can appear incredibly varied. Besides the large range of materials, the look of the wrist accessory is largely determined by the colour. Not only are certain colours popular but also extraordinary combinations. We love to accentuate bracelets made from exotic leather with bright colours like red, yellow or blue. This gives the individual structures of these special pieces centre stage.

By combining caoutchouc with other materials, we are able to create remarkable looks. For instance, an upper surface made from dark leather underscored by a caoutchouc part in striking colours. The reverse also produces an incredibly stylish effect. The leather is brightly coloured, while the caoutchouc provides a foundation in black. This allows us to create contrasting optical highlights – the ideal accessory!

If you prefer sleek elegance, black, brown or white are ideal choices. Models with calf leather or cowhide are particularly popular.

The bracelet clasp: the finishing touch

Following clasp options are available for HIRSCH The Bracelet:

  • Pin buckle
  • Folding clasp

Depending on the interchangeable bracelet, you can choose from a silver or gold colour. The choice should ideally match the given watch.

The pin buckle is the classic with fine holes in the watchstrap. The pin buckle allows the flexible adjustment of the bracelet length to the wrist – it is available as standard for all our bracelets in the online shop.

Alternatively, we also offer the folding clasp for individual purchase that can replace the pin buckle on bracelets.