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Matériau de la tige Veau
Surface Brillant
Matériau de la doublure HIRSCH Softglove
le bombé Bombé moyen
L'Art de Boucle Boucle ardillon
Couleur Boucle Argent

The name says it all: exquisite, charming and feminine – these are the outstanding qualities of DIVA.

  • Bracelet made from calfskin leather
  • Sealed with high-gloss lacquered coating
  • Perfectly suited for a range of women’s watches
  • High wearing comfort
  • Easy to fit, using the HIRSCH Quick Release mechanism

If you love trends and fashion, you’ll love DIVA – a particularly feminine bracelet, made from calfskin leather and sealed with the most exquisite high-gloss lacquered coating.

It is also amazingly comfortable to wear, thanks to its HIRSCH Softglove lining leather and discreet crowning.

The deliberately minimalist ornamentation and beautifully shaped buckle in the HIRSCH Tradition Design fit perfectly with the general “diva-like” impact of this leather bracelet. DIVA is available in four attachment widths: 14, 16, 18 and 20. If you choose a small size, this will add a specially delicate touch to your wrist. Finally, you can choose your personal favourites from a range of different colours.

Needless to say, DIVA comes with our HIRSCH Quick Release mechanism and is therefore easy to fit yourself.

DIVA bracelet: specifications

  • Available in five colours: shiny white, shiny Marsala, shiny blue, shiny silver and shiny black
  • Available in four attachment widths: 14, 16, 18 and 20

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