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Wide leather bracelets for men and women

Leather bracelets have a special charm that reflects their natural and unique origin. The different patterns and structures reveal the high quality at first glance. A wide leather bracelet from 20 mm has an impressive character, presented in full scale. The width of the bracelet always depends on the size of the watch, of course.

Especially for men, wide leather bracelets are an expression of masculinity. They appear bold, powerful and demonstrate confidence. But women can also integrate such an accessory into their look. Strong, striking colours are an eyecatcher – not to be found on every wrist. A wide leather bracelet made from rare leather is often seen as a rather special status symbol.

Leather takes centre stage: art and design

Leather is an expression of versatility and individuality when you consider just how many varieties of leather exist. There are huge differences between the various types of leather, making the material highly varied. Wide leather bracelets appear very striking visually, which is why it’s important to choose the right leather.

Calf leather is a highly popular leather for bracelets. We offer a broad variety of calf leather – choose a bracelet with a matt, nubuck or glossy finish. Calf leather is also used for further refinement. Stamped scales make calf leather look like lizard or crocodile leather – truly exquisite craftmanship.

Lizard leather is distinguished by its fine texture. Lots of small scales produce a highly detailed overall picture. A wide leather bracelet made from lizard leather has a distinctive effect thanks to its size. No texture is the same as another – the focus here is on the unique, natural character.

Alligator and crocodile leather are the exotic choices for wide leather bracelets. Their bold texture is particularly well suited. Small and large scales adorn the surface of the material. The leather tells its own personal story and is also a work of art. 

Ostrich leather can be recognised by its unmistakeable nub markings. Combined with an extraordinary colour, it appears particularly interesting. Not every wrist wears this leather – ideal for making your watch a very personal item of jewellery.

All materials can be prepared glossy or matt. The possibilities are almost endless.

Which wide leather bracelet for men?

Suiting the respective watch, the wide leather bracelet for men stands for masculinity and individuality. No matter whether it is worn for business meetings, challenging sports or an extravagant, modern statement – individuality is timeless. While a slimmer leather bracelet can appear more graceful and elegant, a wide leather bracelet succeeds in standing out.

Men often prefer simple calf leather, distinguished by its unostentatious character. But exotic leathers such as crocodile and lizard leather are also ideal for wide bracelets – the same goes for the sporty Performance strap with its caoutchouc core.

Typical colours for classic, masculine leather bracelets are black and brown. But dark blue, grey and dark green are also suitable. For fashion-conscious men who like to set the trend, we recommend bolder colours such as orange, red or bright green. Any colour combination is possible with leather – the choice is yours!

It’s also important to consider the length when it comes to wide leather bracelets for men. There are different sizes to ensure the watchstrap fits perfectly on any wrist.

Which wide leather bracelet for women?

Wide leather bracelets are also suitable for many women’s watches as an accessory and fashion piece.
Thanks to the quick-change system, our bracelets can be switched with ease – allowing you to match the watchstrap to a range of styles. Dress up your watch and you’re good to go!

It’s a good idea to first choose your favourite colour for your preferred outfit. We offer a huge selection of different colours – from classic tones and bright colours to colours currently on trend. Whether you like blue, beige, brown, red, greed or rosé – there is scarcely a colour we don’t have in our range.

Next, choose your desired leather to match. From smooth calf leather and nubuck to exotic leather – with leather bracelets for women, your possibilities are endless. Accentuate your individual style with your specially chosen bracelet and make a statement. We recommend having several bracelets – so you always have the perfect choice for any occasion.