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Black bracelets for men and women

Our bracelets for watches are a highly popular accessory for him and her. They are available in countless different variants: size, details and materials vary considerably and provide a personal character to any bracelet. When it comes to colour, there are some favourites. Black works with almost any outfit and is always considered modern as well as unisex. A black bracelet is completely universal.

A black bracelet goes well with stylish clothing as well as elegant evening attire. It suits any occasion and look, which is why it is particularly popular. This makes the colour black incredibly versatile. Black bracelets are available in almost limitless variations.

Material: fashionable character and practical function

The material is key to the impression black makes – it gives the accessory an individual finish. Our black bracelet is available in the following materials:

  • Leather (e.g. calf leather, ostrich leather, crocodile leather)
  • Rarities (shale fragments)
  • Caoutchouc (combined with leather or plastic)

Leather bracelet in black

Leather bracelets for watches are especially popular in black or brown. A black leather bracelet is a true allrounder for watchstraps: it suits both any outfit as well as any watch. This bracelet doesn’t distract from stylish outfits, but integrates perfectly into the overall look.

Besides the sleek colour, the leather itself provides special details. It has an unmistakeable structure and the natural product is unique, making it a statement of individuality. No leather bracelet is the same as another. Each type of leather offers its own special qualities:

  • Calf leather: No or only a restrained structure. Very sleek in form.
  • Alligator and crocodile leather: Scales of varying sizes that have a striking appearance.
  • Ostrich leather: A variety of nubs that are unique in structure.
  • Lizard leather: Many fine structures that harmonise into an overall look.
  • Exotically textured leather: Typically, calf leather textured with exotic structures.

Bracelet made from caoutchouc

We also offer our black bracelets in caoutchouc. This material has many excellent qualities that make it particularly suited to sports and everyday use. The HIRSCH Performance Collection is the perfect combination of traditional craftmanship and modern bracelet technology in original HIRSCH quality.

Our caoutchouc bracelets are durable, water-resistant and resilient to extreme temperatures. This makes them ideal for all the demands of hectic everyday life and for any situation – whether in sports or in the office.

Our specialities

Besides classic materials, we also enjoy making extraordinary bracelets. Natural quality is important to us. However, these products are subject to limited availability. For instance, our Stone bracelet made from flexible shale fragments with a special surface finish for additional durability coupled with our colourful HIRSH Premium Caoutchouc core.

Black bracelets for women

An elegant bracelet in black is a classic choice for women. The stainless-steel clasp in silver or gold colour completes the stylish accessory, in harmony with the watch. Two fashion variants are especially suitable:

  1. The wide leather bracelet made from exotic or textured leather in black. Here the focus is on the distinct pattern of the leather. This style is extravagant and a true statement piece.
  2. A slim leather bracelet made from sleek calf leather. This option emphasises elegance. The bracelet for women has a subtle charm that perfectly completes the overall look of the watch.

We recommend our Performance Collection for sport activities. The black bracelets are accentuated with a touch of colour. Thanks to the HIRSCH quick-release system, you can transform your elegant watch into a sports accessory.

Black bracelets for men

Leather in black or brown is the classic look in the male world. The black leather bracelet is an essential piece of any wardrobe. The natural and masculine simplicity also goes well with any outfit and is considered timeless, practical and stylish.

The black bracelet for men is available in a number of different versions – from elegant to sporty. Depending on the watch, outfit and style. From smooth calf leather to exotic or textured leather – we offer a huge choice of options, allowing anyone to find their favourite watch.

Caoutchouc in our Performance Collection is another interesting alternative. A black caoutchouc bracelet has a classic, sporty character and is considered a typical men’s bracelet. It handles any sport activity with ease and sits perfectly on the wrist.