About us


The bracelet is our masterpiece.

HIRSCH develops and manufactures the most advanced, the most detailed and the finest bracelets in the world. HIRSCH bracelets are the most beautiful outfit for any watch and are eagerly sought-after accessories. I

The watch is the only technical instrument we wear directly on our body and it is therefore of special – and in particular emotional – significance. This is why it is even more important to focus our attention on the "dress" for this wonderful timepiece, and this is precisely the task to which we are dedicated as developers and manufacturers of high-quality bracelets for watches.


Ever since it was founded in Klagenfurt, our company has been firmly rooted in this region. Our founder Hans started to make his first bracelets on his own private premises in 1945, and his son Hermann has successfully expanded the business internationally from today’s location at number 5, Hirschstrasse.

Robert Hirsch, the grandson of the company founder, managed the company for over 22 years before handing it over to his sons Nikolaus and Matthaeus Hirsch at the beginning of 2022. So the company is now managed by the fourth generation.

As entrepreneurs, it has always been on the hearts of the Hirsch family to use Klagenfurt itself as a base for growing the company, creating sustainable jobs and being a trustworthy employer. This has been true right up to the present. Our corporate culture embodies longevity and differentiation but also self-awarness and willingness to change.


What began in 1945 with our company founder Hans Hirsch working meticulously on elaborate details at the kitchen table of his private home, has become an international success. Our brand is held in high regard as a partner of the Swiss watch industry but also enjoys an outstanding reputation under our own (family) name, both within the industry and among consumers.

We never stop developing our sought-after accessories further with regard to wearing comfort and aesthetics, or in perfecting their technical functionality to position the bracelet as a "smart companion".

A team of trend scouts and material experts have their fingers on the pulse of time and are always on the lookout for trendy, innovative as also sustainable materials. In this way, we will continue to live up to our claim to innovation leadership in the future.