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Blue bracelets: an extravagant eyecatcher

Blue symbolises the vast sky, the expansive ocean, dynamic rivers and tranquil lakes. The colour has a mystical character and stands for wonder. Blue also has a calming effect. There is something magical about this colour. It conceals mysteries. And that is precisely the charm of a blue bracelet.

Blue tones can be highly varied. Turquoise like the Caribbean Sea, light blue resembling the summer sky or the dark blue of deep lakes. A watchstrap benefits from these tones in particular, as they elegantly emphasise the texture of the material. The natural colouring makes our leather bracelet truly unique. Here the quality of craftsmanship is showcased to the full.

The effect of material and colour

It is only with the right material that the colour gains an impressive radiance, giving the bracelet a character of its own. Leather clearly has the edge with its optical finesse.

Exotic leather exudes style

A leather bracelet is a luxurious accessory. The natural origin and rarity have an intrinsic value and require special expertise in production. The possibilities and results of a leather bracelet are accordingly varied, especially with a striking colour.

Popular materials for a blue leather bracelet:

Calf leather: A very soft and supple material distinguished by its simplicity. It only exhibits a subtle structure and is rather discreet. Understated texture keeps the focus on the blue colour, prominently featured by the leather.

Lizard leather: Lizard leather has a beautiful structure with its fine scales. The glossy surface brings out the colour accents superbly, accentuating both dark and light tones.

Alligator and crocodile leather: Large scales produce a special, wild pattern. The blue colour harmonises with the smooth lines over the complete bracelet, emphasising the exotic style. A blue bracelet made from this leather is a bold eyecatcher.

Ostrich leather: The striking ostrich leather features unique nubs. In blue, these characteristic markings appear like little eddies in the sea. There is no colour more ideal for presenting this special leather to full effect.

Caoutchouc for sport and everyday wear

If you are instead interested in a robust material for everyday wear, caoutchouc is a great choice. The colouring is consistent and reflects a sporty character.

The advantages of caoutchouc bracelets at a glance:

  • Waterproof
  • Temperature-resistant
  • Sturdy and robust

The incredibly soft caoutchouc core perfectly fits on the wrist, providing natural temperature regulation and comfort when worn. In combination with the high-quality upper leather, the caoutchouc bracelet more than lives up to wide-ranging demands on design and aesthetics.

Blue leather bracelets for women

Although blue is often associated as a masculine colour, there is something enchanting about its colouring on exotic leather. A blue leather bracelet can give women a magical and confident radiance. The challenge may be finding a suitable outfit to match this striking accessory.

Choosing the right colour tones is not always easy, especially when different nuances need to be balanced. What goes well with the different blue tones?

  • Sky blue: Bold yellow, dark red, pink, bright orange, lilac and purple
  • Blue grey: Yellow-orange, rose red, raspberry, peach and blue-violet
  • Turquoise: Dark yellow, ruby red, blush, caramel and red-violet

A bracelet in this colour combines excellently with lizard leather, ostrich leather as well as alligator and crocodile leather. The blue leather bracelet can also be relatively wide to attract attention. Its mystical colour is not without cause – it enjoys taking centre stage.

We offer blue bracelets in a very wide range of colour tones. Combining bold colours is all the trend. Try out whatever you like! A powerful clasp in silver stainless steel emphasises the deep blue even more. Whereas, turquoise harmonises well with a suave, gold-coloured buckle to match your watch.

Blue bracelets for men

Men often love the simple, elegant look of leather bracelets.

Smooth, blue calf leather works well with casual jeans, for example. Combined with a loose shirt, the blue leather bracelet seamlessly completes the stylish outfit.

A blue bracelet made from caoutchouc is a practical alternative. Its colour is bold and reflects a sporty character. The ideal bracelet for everyday wearing. The blue colour gives it an additional, masculine touch.