Dress up your Moonswatch



The OMEGA Speedmaster is one of the most well-known timepieces in the world. With the launch of the Moonswatch last year, OMEGA and Swatch have reimagined the cult timepiece that is the Speedmaster. The Moonswatch has been on everyone’s lips since it launched – in part due to its affordable price and not least due to its exclusivity as a hard-to-find product at Swatch Stores.

Are you one of the lucky ones who managed to get their hands on a Moonswatch only to find the standard buckle strap less than satisfactory? Or maybe you want a quick and easy way to match your watch to your outfits? Then you’ve come to the right place. HIRSCH has put together the best Moonswatch strap combos just for you.

Modelled on our planets, there are 13 watch models and HIRSCH has straps to match every Moonswatch, so you can combine your new piece with elegant and sporty looks alike. Whether you’re looking to replace a broken watch strap or switch up your look for any occasion – at HIRSCH you’ll find a wide range of matching straps for your Moonswatch.


All HIRSCH straps with a lug width of 20 mm will fit whichever Moonswatch model you have. You can choose from a wide variety of colours and materials. Pick whichever one takes your fancy. Sporty or elegant, leather, caoutchouc or cruelty-free – with a Moonswatch strap from HIRSCH, you are always guaranteed exclusive designs and ultimate quality. And with the HIRSCH Quick-Release System, you can change your strap yourself quickly and easily.

Enclosed you will find our 3 to 4 HIRSCH bracelet favourites for each Moonswatch model. In the videos, our CEO Nikolaus Hirsch shows you all the styling options again in detail.


MOONPHASE - the latest model from the Moonswatch collection has finally "landed".
The centrepiece of the classic white "Mission to the Moonphase" edition is the moon phase display. The special highlight of the model, often called "Moonswatch SNOOPY", is Snoopy, who acts as an ambassador for NASA. The popular cartoon character rests directly on the moon phase disc and rotates on the dial.

You can find our three strap favourites for the Moonswatch MOONPHASE here:

- PURE: The caoutchouc classic among the HIRSCH bracelets not only ensures maximum wearing comfort. Especially in the colour white, the bracelet looks very clear and understated and puts the black dial details of the new "Moonswatch SNOPPY" in the spotlight.
- GIFFONE in black makes the MOONPHASE look particularly elegant and can therefore be perfectly combined with any elegant and classic outfit.
- PAUL from the HIRSCH Performance Collection perfectly matches the colours of the latest Moonswatch model with its combination of white calfskin with alligator embossing and the black caoutchouc core.


With the Moonswatch Mission to Sun, you can’t help but shine bright. Add even more sparkle with a bright and bold strap, or give the stylish yellow timepiece its moment in the sun with a more reserved strap – the choice is yours.

- ANDY  in yellow is definitely our favourite for the Moonswatch Sun. With an alligator print on the exterior and yellow premium caoutchouc core, this watch strap is the perfect everyday companion for those who love a little bit of the extraordinary.
- HEVEA combines elegance with functionality. A black caoutchouc classic among HIRSCH watch straps, this model will allow your bold timepiece to unleash its full beauty.
- LONDON  in yellow or orange is ideal for making a fashion statement, with a colour palette designed to match the orange details of your Moonswatch Sun perfectly.


The Venus model is particularly feminine thanks to its delicate shades of pink. And HIRSCH has got the right straps for this model too.

- LINDSEY in pink is a delightful colour combination of delicate rose and deep pink. Thanks to the symbiosis of leather and caoutchouc, this strap can be worn while exercising but is also a great fashion statement for everyday wear.
- PURE is a minimalist caoutchouc watch strap – the white model, in particular, will make sure that the Moonswatch Venus itself is front and centre. With its robust and durable caoutchouc design, it is perfect for everyday wear.
- REGENT is a delicate leather strap. Achieve an elegant look with the black model – either at the office or at special events.


From sporty to elegant – HIRSCH has a wide range of watch straps for your Moonswatch Mission to Earth. Allow us to share our three absolute favourites with you.

- LEAF from the HIRSCH Nature Collection achieves perfect harmony with the housing of the Moonswatch Earth thanks to the painted green leaves on its exterior.
- HEAVY CALF has the perfect shade of blue to match the dial of the Omega x Swatch. Casual or chic – anything is possible with this combination.
- BAGNORE brings a third colour to the table. The blue and green of the watch go really well with the brown of the strap to create a  harmonious and natural look.


With its classic black look, the Moonswatch Mission to Moon is sure to match all your everyday outfits. Find the Top Three HIRSCH straps for your Moonswatch here.

- ARNE is the perfect combination of leather and caoutchouc. The grey tone and texture of the strap will give your Moonswatch a futuristic look.
- LEAF adds natural details with a texture made from real leaves dyed black.
- BAGNORE is a vintage strap made from leather that will sing in perfect harmony with your black timepiece.


With its red and white colour accents, the Moonswatch Mission to Mars creates a certain retro look. Let us show you the best way to combine this timepiece with our HIRSCH watch straps.

- OSIRIS Nubuk Black has a reserved design to complement your Moonswatch Mars without stealing the limelight.
- ANDY gives you more of a sporty look. The red caoutchouc core of the strap matches the details of the watch perfectly.
- DUKE is a timeless strap with a clean white to turn your Moonswatch Mars into an everyday timepiece that can be worn whenever.


Thanks to its casual look, you can easily combine the Moonswatch Mission to Jupiter with all sorts of everyday straps from HIRSCH.

- OSIRIS in creamy beige beautifully highlights the orange details of the watch and is perfect for a more informal and reserved look.
- ANDY has an orange caoutchouc core that matches the Moonswatch Jupiter perfectly, while the structure of the leather creates a stylish elegance.
- BAGNORE adds a vintage touch with a slightly darker brown tone to round off any outfit.


The sandy brown colours combined with the dark brown details and green hands of the watch are perfect for everyday looks. With our HIRSCH watch straps, you can match your timepiece to any outfit.

- ARNE harmonises perfectly with the green of the watch. The plain, pure design of the strap paired with the natural colours will turn your Moonswatch into a stylish accessory.
- JOHN has a camouflage look that is sure to turn heads. A real workhorse that can be worn while exercising or as a chilled everyday companion.
- BAGNORE gives your watch a real vintage look that is an easy wear every day.


Want to wear your Moonswatch Mission to Uranus every single day? HIRSCH has the right straps for you.

- PURE adds colour to your outfit. With its mix of complementary oranges and blues, this strap is a real fashion statement.
- CROCOGRAIN in white goes with virtually every Omega x Swatch, achieving an elegant look with its alligator print.
- OSIRIS Nubuk is a black watch strap that accentuates the ice blue of the watch housing.


With its muted blacks and greys, the Moonswatch Mission to Mercury is a timepiece that combines easily with a whole host of different straps and outfits. Here are our recommendations.

- BAGNORE is a honey-brown vintage leather strap that turns your dark watch into an everyday companion – just as suited elegant business outfits as it is to laid-back downtime looks.
- BOSTON is a real all-rounder made from leather and with a timeless character. In all black, this strap adds the perfect finishing touch to any outfit.
- DUKE is our bestseller, made from the finest leather. With its alligator print, it combines with the black of the watch to achieve an even more elegant look.
- JOHN harmonises beautifully with the Moonswatch Mercury with its different grey tones to give your watch a sporty touch.


In the Moonswatch Mission to Pluto, light, cool grey tones meet a strong yet classic burgundy. We show you which three bracelets go best with it.

- TORONTO in the colour Berry matches the case of the Pluto tone on tone and makes a harmonious combination.
- BAGNORE is our vintage classic that can be combined with almost any watch.
- REGENT  is a classic leather strap made of alligator leather and a must-have for all those who love something special. In black, it fits perfectly with the Moonswatch Pluto.