Payment and Shipment

The HIRSCH package will be shipped to you by GLS or DHL in Austria and Germany and by DHL in all other countries.

Shipment is free from an order value of € 49.

We ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

When shipping to the UK, additional taxes or costs (e.g. customs duties) may be incurred as part of your order, which will not be paid by us or invoiced by us, but must be paid by you directly to the relevant customs or tax authorities.

Please note the terms and conditions of the respective national shop regarding restrictions on the delivery area.


The following table tells you how long the HIRSCH package will take from the moment of its handover to DHL or GLS to its arrival on your premises. Please remember, however, that this is only a rough estimate and that we cannot influence the shipping process once the HIRSCH package has been handed over to the carrier.

Country Shipping costs
(Free shipping from EUR 49)
Goods in stock
(In days)
Estimated times of delivery
Custom-made products
(In weeks)
Austria EUR 3.90 (GLS)
EUR 6.80 (DHL Express)
2-6 2-6
Belgium EUR 6.90 2-6 2-6
Bulgaria EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Croatia EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Cyprus EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Czech Republic CZK 152.00 2-6 2-6
Denmark DKK 66.90 2-6 2-6
Estonia EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Finland EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
France EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Germany EUR 4.90 (GLS)
EUR 9.40 (DHL Express)
2-6 2-6
Greece EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Hungary HUF 1,890 2-6 2-6
Ireland EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Italy EUR 5.90 2-6 2-6
Latvia EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Lithuania EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Luxembourg EUR 6.90 2-6 2-6
Malta EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Netherlands EUR 6.90 2-6 2-6
Poland PLN 33.90 2-6 2-6
Portugal EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
Romania EUR 7.90 2-6 2-6
Sweden SEK 92.90 2-6 2-6
Switzerland CHF 10.00 2-6 2-6
Slovakia EUR 5.90 2-6 2-6
Slovenia EUR 5.90 2-6 2-6
Spain EUR 8.90 2-6 2-6
United Kingdom GBP 10.00 *
*Please take note: As the delivery
is outside the EU, various import
duties may apply in your country.
2-6 2-6

Please note - we do not deliver to the following customs enclaves:

Country Custom enclaves
Denmark Faroe Islands and Greenland
Finland Åland islands
Germany Büsingen and Helgoland
Italy Livigno (Lombardy), San Marino and Vatican State
Spain Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla
UK Channel Islands and Gibraltar


The following payment options are available in the HIRSCH Webshop:

Country VISA Master Card Maestro PayPal ideal Klarna Twint Purchase on account
Austria x x x x x x
Germany x x x x x x
Belgium x x x x x
Bulgaria x x x x
Croatia x x x x
Cyprus x x x x
Czech Republic x x x x
Denmark x x x x
Estonia x x x x
Finland x x x x
France x x x x
Greece x x x x
Hungary x x x x
Ireland x x x x
Italy x x x x
Latvia x x x x
Lithuania x x x x
Luxembourg x x x x x
Malta x x x x
Netherlands x x x x x
Poland x x x x x
Portugal x x x x
Romania x x x x
Sweden x x x x
Switzerland x x
Slovakia x x x x
Slovenia x x x x
Spain x x x x
United Kingdom x x x