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Upper material Alligator Flanc
Surface Mat
Lining material HIRSCH Glove WR
Padding Flat design
Bracelet thickness - attachment 2,6
Bracelet thickness - buckle 2,6
Type of Buckle Folding buckle
Buckle colour Silver

SOBEK is a beautiful jewellery bracelet made of the alligator flank.
The upper side of the bracelet is made of Louisiana alligator flank dyed deep into the fibre in the barrel. The bottom side, or the lining side, is made of soft leather, which guarantees high wearing comfort.

The buckle is made of finest brushed stainless steel. With the buckle the length of the bracelet can be customized, to fit any wrist perfectly.

  • Available in 6 colours
  • Length adjustable

Suitable for wrists between a circumference of 160mm - 225mm.

Leather care instructions:
The bracelet is a natural product and therefore could change appearance over time thus to a natural aging process. To maintain the beauty of the bracelet, we recommend the following care instructions:

  • To clean the bracelet, regularly wipe the bottom of the bracelet with a moist cotton cloth. After dry it either at room temperature or simply let it dry on your wrist.
  • Avoid contact of the bracelet with rough surfaces.
  • The bracelet is insensitive to water but it should not be worn for swimming or other water activities.
  • Avoid contact with perfume or hand lotions.
  • Avoid direct contact with heating or car interiors in summer.
  • Avoid cleaning with various leather or other cleaning products, these are not suitable and will harm the product.

Dress up your watch

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Which attachment width fits my watch?

Whether delicate vintage watch or large smartwatch: We offer attachment widths between 9 and 30 mm! Here you are guaranteed to find the perfect bracelet for your watch. Are you unsure which attachment width you need for the new bracelet on your watch? In the video we show you how to measure the correct width quick and easy.