Frequently asked questions


Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. You need further help?  Then please contact us here. 



  1. Why should I choose a HIRSCH watch strap?

    A watch strap goes through a lot. Heat, moisture, salt and chlorine water, sweat and steam in the sauna, chemicals from sun creams and lotions, UV light and weather, dirt and wear – the list is endless. No wonder that many straps don't last long under these conditions and throw in the towel. HIRSCH watch straps are designed for the highest quality and durability. We conduct an average of thirty different quality tests on every watch strap because this is the only way to ensure the quality that HIRSCH watch straps are famous for.

Design & Materials

  1. How many different watch straps are there in the HIRSCH range?

    One of our strengths is that we've always got our finger on the pulse. Trendsetting is pretty much in HIRSCH’s DNA. In our shop, you will find over 60 watch straps in a whole range of different colours, made from leather, premium caoutchouc, a combination of both and cruelty-free options. Our trend scouts are always on the lookout for the latest in thing internationally. Ensuring that our range of products is regularly updated and expanded. You can get almost every model in different attachment widths, bracelet lengths and colours.

  2. Are custom-made straps possible?

    You have a special watch model and can't find a matching bracelet in our existing webshop collection? Or you would like to have a watch strap made according to your wishes? We are happy to offer custom-made straps in the desired colours, lengths, lug widths or leather types. Please contact our customer service. To enable us to process your enquiry more quickly, please state your watch brand, model, attachment width and clasp width as well as your wishes regarding the material. We will be happy to make you an individual offer. You can also find all the details in our shop.


Order process

  1. How do I know that you have received my order?

    As soon as your order and payment have been successfully authorised in the webshop, you will receive an e-mail order confirmation from us.

  2. How can I tell if my order has shipped already?

    Once your order ships, you will receive shipping confirmation from the shipping company via e-mail containing information on how to track your delivery.

  3. Can I still make changes after submitting my order?

    We automatically send your order straight to our warehouse. This allows us to deliver your item to your home as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, this also means that it is not possible to make any changes such as adding or replacing products (quantity, colour etc.) after you have placed your order.

Shipping & Delivery Times

  1. Which countries do you ship to?

    We ship to over 26 countries in the EU, and also to Switzerland and the UK. You can find a full list here.

    Please note: when shipping to the UK, additional taxes or costs (e.g. customs duties) may be incurred as part of your order, which will not be paid by us or invoiced by us, but must be paid by you directly to the relevant customs or tax authorities.

  2. How much does shipping cost?

    All orders over € 49 qualify for free shipping. Individual shipping costs apply for each country for orders below € 49. You can find a full list here.

  3. Who are your logistics partners?

    In Austria and Germany, you can choose between GLS and DHL. Everywhere else, our logistics partner is DHL.

  4. How long does shipping take?

    Products that are in stock are generally sent out the next day. If you order personalised products (OI_Products), you will get your new watch strap in 2 to 6 weeks. Once your order leaves our warehouse in Klagenfurt (Austria), delivery takes 2 to 6 days depending on which country you live in. You will find full details here.


  1. What do I have to consider when making a return?

    We are happy to accept returns and give you a refund or a replacement up to 14 days after your items are delivered. You must return your items in an unworn condition with their original packaging. Make sure that the associated tag has not been removed from the goods. We ask for your understanding that goods that do not meet the return conditions will not be refunded.

    Products made especially for you (Capitano, Genuine Croco, London, Prestige, Massai Ostrich and Regent) cannot be returned.  

  2. How long do I have to return my order?

    As soon as you have received your delivery, you have fourteen days to return it to us.

  3. How do I return an item to you?

    Please register your return online using the HIRSCH Returns page.
    Pack the item in a suitable package, e.g. the package it was delivered to you in. Affix the returns label you received when registering your return online to the safely sealed box. Please return the package using the shipping company indicated on the returns label. We cover the costs for returns. A free return is not yet possible in Switzerland - but you send your package back to HIRSCH (Schweiz) AG in Biel - so there are no shipping costs abroad.

  4. How will I get my refund?

    You will receive your refund as soon as we have received and checked your return.

  5. Can I return HIRSCH products that I bought in a retail store or another webshop?

    Unfortunately, we cannot take back products that you have purchased from a retailer or another webshop. The respective HIRSCH retailer will be able to help you. Please contact them to have your items exchanged or refunded.



  1. What is the attachment width and how do I measures it correctly?

    The attachment width is the width of the strap at the point where it attaches to the watch case. The best way to work out the right attachment width for your new watch strap is to measure the width of your existing watch strap around the lug. Alternatively, you can measure the distance between the pincer attachments of your timepiece. If your old watch strap is made of leather, you can also check the underside: the attachment width is often embossed on the lining leather.


  2. What attachment widths are available?

    Whether you've got a delicate vintage watch or a large diver's watch, we have attachment widths ranging from 9 to 30 mm, meaning you're guaranteed to find the perfect strap for any watch.


  1. How do I find the right length for my new strap?

    No matter which Hirsch watch strap you go for, sporty or elegant, it needs to be the right fit – for your style and your wrist. Because it's not the perfect watch if it's a bad fit, so ensuring the correct length strap is an absolute must.


    A watch strap is generally made of 2 parts – the tail side (this is the longer part where the holes are and which tapers at the end), and the buckle side (this is the shorter part where the strap buckle is attached).

    Find your perfect strap length:

    Option 1:
    Ideally, you already have a watch strap that fits. If your old strap already fits perfectly, you can simply measure this strap. To do this, take both parts of the strap, measure the tail side and the buckle side, then add these two numbers together to calculate the total length. If you measure your watch strap including the watch case, please remember to subtract the width of the case at the end. When calculating the lengths of Hirsch watch straps, we always assume a standard case size of 40mm for men and 30 mm for women.

    Option 2:
    Don't have a watch strap that fits you? Then the best thing to do is to measure your wrist. Take a measuring tape, piece of string or band and wrap it around your wrist. Make sure you do not pull the measuring tape too tight. Watch the video below to see exactly how it works. Don't have a measuring tape lying around? If you don't have any tools at your disposal, then print out our measuring tape template to help you.


Replacing a watch strap

  1. How do I replace the strap on my watch?

    All our straps are equipped with the HIRSCH quick-release system. This means that you can easily change your bracelet yourself in just a few steps.
    Is your current strap still attached to the watch case with so-called spring bars? With the right tool, you can quickly remove the old strap from the watch case. After registering, you will receive this fitting tool free of charge with your first order in our webshop.
    Do you need a special solution without quick release spring bars? Please contact our customer service.

  2. How do I change the strap on my Apple Watch?

    Using our Apple Watch adapters, you can wear any of our straps on your Apple Watch. Watch the video to see how to replace the strap.

Replacing the buckle

  1. Can I change the colour of the buckle on my watch strap?

    Want your watch case and the buckle on your watch strap to be the same colour? With many of our straps you can choose and change the buckle colour at no extra charge. With some bracelets, it is not automatically possible to change to a different clasp colour. However, we are sure to find a suitable solution for you - please contact our customer service.

  2. How do I change the buckle on my strap?

    Want to change the buckle on your new HIRSCH strap for a different buckle or the original buckle from your make of watch? Watch our video to see how quick and easy it is! 

  3. Can I also buy other buckles from you?

    Prefer a folding clasp or want a different style or colour of buckle? With us, you'll find a beautiful selection of alternative buckles and clasps.



  1. How do I care for my watch strap correctly?

    In order to extend the life of your watch strap, you should maintain it regularly. To do this, clean the strap under lukewarm, running water and then dry using a cotton cloth. Alternatively, you can let it dry while wearing it on your wrist.
    You can find more tips for looking after your Hirsch watch strap here.


  1. What's the best way to store my watch strap?

    Got several HIRSCH watch straps that you change frequently? Proper storage plays a major role when it comes to the life of your watch strap. If you don't want to wear your watch strap for a longer period of time, it is a good idea to store it in a suitable case or pouch. This will give it the best possible protection against dirt and dust. You can also find matching trays for storing your favourite watch straps in our shop.