Business units by HIRSCH:

  • HIRSCH The Bracelet: As quality leaders, we manufacture and sell bracelets for watches under our proprietary name, HIRSCH, throughout the world. We sell our products through high-quality specialist retailers, our own shops and – coming soon – through online channels.
  • HIRSCH Industrial Business: We are world market leader in our function as partner and main supplier of the Swiss watchmaking industry.
  • HIRSCH Watches & Jewellery Repair Service: We operate our own shops in Switzerland, Spain and Portugal, where we offer high-quality watch and jewellery services as well as watch straps.
    More about our services in Switzerland
    More about our services in Spain and Portugal
  • HIRSCH Wearables:  We develop wearables, i.e. smart bracelets with integrated chips that can be used, for instance, for payment and access purposes. Interested in our smart bracelets for your business? Feel free to contact us: wearables@hirschag.com

Materials by HIRSCH:

  • HIRSCH Nature Technology:
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    HIRSCH Nature Technology, an exclusive and registered trademark of HIRSCH. HIRSCH Nature Technology means materials of natural origin that are manufactured in-house by HIRSCH. The special manufacturing process makes these natural materials flexible, sturdy and suitable for processing. In-house production reduces the supply chain and prevents time wastage, thus ensuring a better carbon footprint. Furthermore, it allows HIRSCH to save resources, especially as all its materials are made exclusively for production orders. In-house expertise in this area leaves plenty of scope for customisation. Materials can also be produced as and when required. And of course HIRSCH complies with all certification standards in the composition of its materials.